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Descriptive terms used in connection with leather - continued

Crock (noun):- This is the release of colour when rubbed, as the result of imperfect dyeing. The expression is used in the same circumstances with materials other than leather.

Crock (verb):- To transfer colour of rubbing.

Crock proof:- Not unsurprisingly this is the description applied to leather, suede or fabric that has received treatment to prevent the colour from rubbing off. As applied to suede it also means treatment to prevent the shedding, or rubbing off, of fibres.

Croupon:­- Term refers to an untanned, whole cattlehide with belly and shoulder cut off, comparable to a butt bend in tanned leather.

Crust:- Leather which has been tanned, but not finished.

natural crust

aniline dyed

printed wild design

Blue - natural crust

Copper tan - aniline dyed

Yellow - printed wild design

Deacon:- The hide from an unborn calf or one slaughtered upon calving.

Degrained leather:- Leather from which the grain has been removed after tanning, by splitting or abrading. It is also the splitting or buffing of the grain side of suedes to make them of a uniform substance.

Division hides:- This is a reference to 1·5 to 2·5 mm firm hides with white flesh or pigmented and grained on both sides. It is specifically manufactured for document case partitions or divisions.

Doped leather:- Leather coloured with a solid pigment and finished with a nitro-cellulose finish. It therefore gives a uniform coloured surface.

Double face:- Sheepskin or lambskin with the wool still attached and sueded on the flesh side.

Drenching:- A process for reducing the plumped fibres of a hide or skin. It accomplishes approximately the same purpose as bating and basically in the same way – that is, through soaking in a fermenting solution. Some authorities, however, restrict the term bating to the process using ferments of manures and the term drenching to that using damp sawdust, bran, middlings or a solution of lactic acid or some other chemical having a similar action.

Drum dyeing:- To dye leather by immersing it in a drum that is then tumbled, thus enabling the full penetration of the dye into the leather's fibres.

Dyed leather:- This is applied to leather which has been dyed in a dye-bath or drum, allowing the dye to fully penetrate the leather, as opposed to simply being stained.

Ecrasé:- From the French word écraser, meaning to crush. The leather has been crushed or flattened, to give a crushed grain effect on which the boarded grain of morocco is smoothed off and polished on the resulting top facets.

maple - printed

tri-coloured - printed

embossed croc

Maple - printed

Grey design - printed

Embossed green-dyed crocodile

Embossed:- Leather printed or embossed with a pattern either imitating a natural grain surface or an unrelated design as in bag grain. The pattern is applied with great pressure. Sometimes the leather, such as cowhide, is embossed to give the impression of a totally different species; for instance, crocodile.

Entrefino:- One of the finest skins available, Entrefino comes from its namesake lamb, native to Spain and a small region of Italy. Full aniline and drum dyed, like a fine piece of wood, this skin's translucent depth of colour brings up the full elegance of its rugged character.

Fat wrinkles:- These are wrinkles in the grain of the leather as a result of fat deposits in the animal and add to the beauty of the leather. You will not see anything similar in imitation grain leather.

Flanks:- These are the loose fibred, open grained stretchy sections of a skin or hide from round the animal's belly.


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leather shapes leather shapes